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City Oils Ltd consists of a Board of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Daniel Cross

Chief Executive Officer


Initially, Dan trained as an Engineering Draughtsman. Dan started his own Used Cooking Oil (UCO) collection and processing Company in 1982. This business grew to a medium sized regional business incorporating used oils and commercial waste collection, recycling and processing.


Dan then developed a UCO processing business, for which he designed and built his own UCO processing plant. This enabled him it to take on large clients such as KFC and the County Councils, as well as rapidly growing a base of smaller clients. It was during this period, in the late 1990s, that he started his research into bio diesel, culminating in 2002 with the formation of Euro Biodiesel Ltd (EBL).


For the next four years Dan developed his patented process for the conversion of UCO into bio diesel, gaining respect for his knowledge and understanding of the practical problems within the UK used cooking oil and bio diesel production industries.


From 2002 to 2008 Dan was involved in advising or contributing to the work of various Government bodies;


  • 2002 - Sat as a stakeholder with the Cabinet Office regarding the derogation on the ban of used cooking oils from animal feeds.
  • 2005 - Acted as a stakeholder/advisory advising various Governmental departments on bio fuels, including Treasury, HMC&E, Environment Agency, DTI, DfT and the RFA. Worked on the design for the UK Carbon and Sustainability policy for road transport fuels and the calculation tools used to assess this.
  • 2008 - Active member of the All Party Parliament Bio Fuels Group at the House of Commons.

EBL was sold to V-Fuels Ltd, who Dan joined as Managing Director. In this role he was responsible for the successful design and build of one of the largest bio diesel plants in the world, repurposing a 147 acre site penicillin plant, and the management of 160 staff and contractors.


The IP used in the plant was developed by Dan, and consistent production of EN14214 grade biodiesel was achieved.


In 2009, the V-Fuels was site was sold to 4Rivers Inc., for whom Dan completed a 6 month handover period, including the delivery of 16 major improvement projects on time and to budget, before leaving to develop VEPOWER Ltd, a biofuels consultancy.


City Oils Ltd has been developed out of a VEPOWER project for the processing of fats, oils and greases into a range of feedstocks for biofuels designed for the road transport and power generation industries.


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Michael Nairn

Group Operations Director




Telephone number

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